more trains to more places!

after 241 years, it's time for these united states to establish a comprehensive, uniform national transport-energy-environmental policy!


The Texas Association of Railroad Passengers (TEX-ARP) is a non-profit advocacy group which actively supports existing rail-based forms of passenger transport and the people who faithfully use them. Our officers and members freely share the fascinating history of railways throughout Texas and the great southwest, and encourage development of future services and technologies.

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TEX-ARP encourages everyone who enjoys traveling by train - and who wishes there were more trains to ride! - to join us in our quest for equality and stability in the world of domestic transportation. Do you appreciate the fact that railroads offer the most environmentally friendly and energy efficient way to move people and goods? We need to spread the word! Several levels of membership are available. 

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The Texas Association of Railroad Passengers will help you keep track of all things "train"! Visit us for the latest information regarding upcoming meetings, conferences and expositions, tailored to industry professionals and enthusiasts alike. Accurate and informative details regarding public hearings, construction activities, service changes, inaugural runs and excursions can also be found here.

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Those of us associated with TEX-ARP come from all walks of life and have a wide variety of interests and talents to offer. Our shared belief in the safety, efficiency and marketability of railway passenger service keeps us working toward our common goals. If you're interested in railroading and how trains have a vital role to play - today and tomorrow - please contact us!

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Long Live the Great American Railroad

At one time, the domestic railroad industry was widely respected and viewed as a vital part of American life. Trains were commonplace and integral to the function of most cities and towns. Sadly, these things are no longer generally regarded as true; however, if we - and our children - are to enjoy a future where passenger transport remains both high in quality and enviable in reliability, the very idea of a "drive-or-fly society" must be relegated to the past!

An overarching appreciation for railway technologies and services can be restored, but it will take something we've been lacking in these United States ever since the end of World War II: a strong and unified political will!

The Texas Association of Railroad Passengers is a membership-based, non-profit group dedicated to the ongoing health of existing passenger train operations and the active support of people who use them. In addition, TEX-ARP remains deeply involved with all those - individuals and groups, companies and agencies - who seek to increase the public's awareness of railroading in all its glorious forms.

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